A Chapel in Yosemite

Of the structures in public use in Yosemite National Park, the Yosemite Valley Chapel is now the oldest. This little New England style church was built under the sponsorship of the California State Sunday School Association, partly by subscriptions from the children, but mainly from the voluntary contributions of prominent members of the Association.

Although the Chapel continues today primarily as a house of worship, over the years it has become a popular wedding destination due to the spectacular setting and the quaint beauty of the building. The first Chapel wedding took place on October 24, 1884.

A Chapel in Yosemite

Iglesia de San Jose

The massive Golden Altar of Iglesia San Jose is remarkable. The towering structure isn’t actually solid gold–it’s carved mahogany that has been covered in gold leaf (and paint). but looks opulent

Perhaps the most remarkable is the story about why it’s still around to see. It survived the pirate Henry Morgan’s looting of Panama Viejo in 1671. Legend has it that a priest disguised it by painting it black and then convinced Morgan that it had already been stolen. After Panama Viejo was abandoned in the wake of Morgan’s raid, the altar was later moved to its present location in Iglesia San Jose, one of Casco Viejo’s many churches.

Iglesia de San Jose

Iglesia de San Jose