Bench View – Hart Park Chapel on the Lake

One of the most memorable vistas at Hart Square (North Carolina) – is the Chapel of Peace sited on a gentle hill beneath the treeline across the upper lake.

A bench view of the serenity of the chapel reflections in the lake.

Hart Park Chapel on the Lake

Bench View – Chapel at Hart Square Village

For over forty years, Dr. Robert Hart, a family physician in Hickory, North Carolina, has rescued and restored Carolina life of the nineteenth century, creating in the rolling countryside of Catawba County an entire village – the largest collection of original, historical log structures in the United States. From corn cribs and barns, to houses and chapels, and even a few outhouses, the Hart Square village has preserved over ninety original structures, all but two originally sited within a sixty mile radius of Hart Square, which is located south of Hickory about twenty minutes by car.

Here is a bench view of the Chapel in the Hart Square Village.

A Place to Worship

A Mix of Patterns and Textures

An example of the various materials of different textures and patterns used in the old buildings at Hart Square (A village from the 1800s preserved in its entirety right here in the hills of Hickory, North Carolina.)

Kudos to Bob Hart, a doctor, who has been going and going for 40 years now on this land. He’s gathered 100 buildings from the surrounding counties and moved them to this 200-acre haven. He’s stuffed the cabins with beds, chairs, food, dresses, shoes, brooms, medicine. Each structure represents a part of this village he calls Hart Square.

I hope you enjoyed this series on the amazing buildings and structures at Hart Square.

A Mix of Patterns and Textures

A Mix of Patterns and Textures