Riders of the Dawn

“Riders of the Dawn” by Adolph Alexander Weinman at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet.

The horses plunge forward, half rearing, with forelegs doubled and heads tossing. One rider leans back to draw a bow while the other turns sidewise, blowing a conch. Beneath the horses is the rayed disc of the rising sun, with water curling in scrolls around it and rising beneath the horses in plumes of spray.

Taming Horses

Riders of the Dawn

Rider on a Galloping Horse

The Chalice Well

The Chalice Well lies in a protected area of natural beauty, at the foot of a narrow valley running between the Tor and Chalice Hill and is an integral part of the sacred landscape in and around Glastonbury, England. For over two thousand years the Red Spring, or Blood Spring, has flowed ceaselessly and is a place where people have gathered to drink the waters and find solace, peace and inspiration.

The Chalice Well