Large Nymph on Flowers

The butterflies in the genus Idea are sometimes called Paper Butterflies or Tree Nymphs, because of their delicate, translucent wings. They boast a distinctive, graphic patterned appearance, veined and spotted with black markings. Here are these large nymph butterflies around flowers at Magic Wings Butterfly House, Durham, NC.

Large Tree Nymph
Butterfly Framed by Flowers

Large Tree Nymph

Also known as the paper kite butterfly, rice paper butterfly, large tree nymph, or in Australia the white nymph butterfly, it is a butterfly known especially for its presence in butterfly houses and live butterfly expositions. It has a wingspan of 12 to 14 cm. Here is one at Magic Wings Butterfly House, Durham, NC.

Large Tree Nymph Spreading Wings

Postman Butterfly

The postman butterfly, common postman or simply postman at the Magic Wings Butterfly House in Durham, NC. It gets its distinctive name because of its daily travel route, which is the same from day to day, from flower to flower, just like a postman on his route from postbox to postbox every day.

Postman Butterfly
Postman Butterfly Against a Flower

Butterfly House Visit

Our camera club visited Magic Wings Butterfly House at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina. It is one of the largest butterfly houses on the entire East Coast and by far the biggest in North Carolina. Any visit here is sure to be an enchanted one spent gazing at the many species of butterflies, and even some animals.

A large butterfly sculpture near the garden at the entrance is appropriate. The 35-foot-tall see-through butterfly house is home to more than 50 different species of butterflies from all over the world.

Butterfly Sculpture
Butterfly Tasting a Flower

Lion Photo to Pencil Art

One of my fellow members of the Catawba Valley Camera Club, Hickory – Judy Young is also a pencil sketch artist. She used my lion photo from Gir National Park, Gujarat, India to create a pencil art piece. Wonderful rendition by Judy!

Lion Photo to Pencil Art

Langurs on the Rocks

Langurs play around on the rocky terrain in Bera, Rajasthan. The gray langur is sometimes referred to as the Hanuman langur, named after the monkey-god Hanuman. As such, gray langurs are considered sacred in the Hindu religion

Langur Alone
Langurs on a Large Rock
Langurs on the Rocks
Langurs on a Rocky Hill