St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle

St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle is a place of worship for The Queen and the Royal Family as well as a church serving the local community. Built by kings, shaped by the history of the Royal Family and still the location for both splendid Royal events.

The construction of the Chapel was begun in 1475 by Edward IV and completed by Henry VIII in 1528. The architecture represents one of the finest examples of ‘Perpendicular Gothic’ style in England.

St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle

Modern London Skyline

The Greater London metropolitan area contains the most skyscrapers in the European Union. As of 2018, there were 31 skyscrapers in London that reached a roof height of at least 150 meters (492 ft). 76 more buildings were built in 2019. Here is a view of modern architecture from across River Thames.

Modern London Skyline

Modern Architecture in Charlotte

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a 36,500-square-foot museum space dedicated to the exhibition of mid-20th-century modern art. The architecture of the museum is modern too and stands out midst other buildings in uptown Charlotte.

Modern Architectural Lines

A Framed View