Lion Photo to Pencil Art

One of my fellow members of the Catawba Valley Camera Club, Hickory – Judy Young is also a pencil sketch artist. She used my lion photo from Gir National Park, Gujarat, India to create a pencil art piece. Wonderful rendition by Judy!

Lion Photo to Pencil Art

Langurs on the Rocks

Langurs play around on the rocky terrain in Bera, Rajasthan. The gray langur is sometimes referred to as the Hanuman langur, named after the monkey-god Hanuman. As such, gray langurs are considered sacred in the Hindu religion

Langur Alone
Langurs on a Large Rock
Langurs on the Rocks
Langurs on a Rocky Hill

Black-headed Ibis on a Rocky River

Low water levels in the river in Bera expose the rocky landscape, but still provide pockets of water for a black-headed Ibis – a large wader with a white body and bare black head and neck. Males and females look similar and both have grayish tail feathers.

A Rocky River
Black-headed Ibis Reflections