Elk River Falls

Located near Beech Mountain, Banner Elk and the small town of Elk Park is the impressive Elk River Falls (formerly called Big Falls) in Pisgah National Forest. This 50-ft. North Carolina mountain waterfall cascades over a rock cliff and into a picturesque oval pool.

Elk River Falls

Waterfalls of North Carolina – Sliding Rock Falls

Sliding Rock is a waterfall in Western North Carolina, located near Brevard, so named because visitors can slide all the way down the waterfall into the plunge pool below. Each summer, many thousands of children and adults slip and slide down this favorite natural mountain waterfall.

The Rush of Water

Sliding Down the Falls


Waterfalls of North Carolina – Water Flow from the Rocks

Moore Creek has a low volume of water, especially during dry spells. Moore Cove Falls is most spectacular after a good rain. Extended dry weather can reduce the falls to a trickle. The best part of this waterfall is the ability to walk behind it and hang out under a large rock overhang.

Water Flow from the Rocks