Monochrome – Light and Shadows in the Workshop

The highlights and shadows in textures, which show up best when it is exposed from an angle by a light source, reveal fine details that make it a more compelling subject for monochrome images. The light from the window creates interesting shadow designs and exposes the brick wall and old rafters.

Light and Shadows in the Workshop

Sunset Through the Ruins

Mandu (Madhya Pradesh, India), due to its strategic position and natural defenses, was an important place with a rich and varied history. It was an important military outpost and its military past can be gauged by the circuit of the battlement wall, which is nearly 37 km (23 mi) and is punctuated by 12 gateways. The wall enclosed a large number of palaces, mosques, Jain temples of 14th century and other buildings.

Here is a view of the sunset through one of the gateways of the wall ….

Sunset Through an Ancient Gateway

Sunset Through an Ancient Gateway