Langurs on the Rocks

Langurs play around on the rocky terrain in Bera, Rajasthan. The gray langur is sometimes referred to as the Hanuman langur, named after the monkey-god Hanuman. As such, gray langurs are considered sacred in the Hindu religion

Langur Alone
Langurs on a Large Rock
Langurs on the Rocks
Langurs on a Rocky Hill

Marsh Crocodile

Of the three crocodilian species found in India, the most common and widespread is the broad snouted Mugger Crocodile. Also known as Marsh Crocodile, this species inhabits a number of fresh water habitats such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, hill streams, village ponds and man made tanks. Medium in size and very broad snouted, Muggers appear primarily grayish in color.

Here is a Mugger or Marsh crocodile captured in Gir National Park.

Marsh Crocodile
Marsh Crocodile Closeup