Unusual Architecture

The F&F Tower (previously known as the Revolution Tower) is an office tower in Panama City. Emporis selected the F&F Tower among the top 10 best skyscrapers of the year in 2011, ranking it 7th out of the 10 Emporis Skyscraper Award winners for its architectural excellence regarding the design of building and its functionality. It is also one of the most iconic buildings of Panama City

F&F Tower Reaching for the Sky

Revolution Tower

Panama City Under the Tree

Panama city is a modern skyscraper city with its prosperous business district and a city center full of live and cultural delights. The recent completion of the “cinta costera”, a project to beautify the Bay of Panama City and to provide its citizens will recreation areas has added to the attractiveness of this city for tourists.

Panama City Under the Tree

Panama City Under the Tree