Tadoba – Spotted Deer

The spotted deer, or chital, is the most common deer species in Indian forests. With a lifespan of about 20 to 30 years, it stands at about 35 inches tall and weighs about 187 pounds. The deer’s golden-rufus coloring is speckled with white spots, and it has a white underbelly.

Here is an image of female spotted deer in the deep forest of Tadoba National Park, India.

Deer Deep in the Woods

Tadoba – Female Sambar Deer

Sambar deer are light brown or dark with a grayish or yellowish tinge. Despite their lack of antlers, female sambar readily defend their young from most predators, which is relatively unusual among deer. 

These female and young sambar deer were captured in Tadoba National Park, India. 

Female Sambars Posing
A Sambar Family

Red-shouldered Hawk Female Fluttering Wings

The red-shouldered hawk is a medium-sized hawk. Its breeding range spans eastern North America and along the coast of California and northern to northeastern-central Mexico. With large, broad wings with long tails and heavy bodies, female red-shouldered hawks are larger than males. Here is a female fluttering its wings at Carolina Raptor Center, North Carolina.

Red-shouldered Hawk Female Fluttering Wings

Red-shouldered Hawk Female Fluffing Wings

Female Barred Owl

The barred owl, also known as the northern barred owl, striped owl or, more informally, hoot owl, is a North American large species of owl. Here is a female barred owl at Carolina Raptor Center, Huntersville, North Carolina. Females are normally larger and heavier than males.

Barred Owl Female

Barred Owl Female Close Up