Maine – Pier at Old Orchard Beach Maine

Three versions of the Pier were constructed by people and modified by nature. The first, built in 1898, was a “global cultural icon,” at 1,825 feet the longest steel pier in the world. Shortly after its completion a storm reduced its length by 150 feet. It was rebuilt, but 10 years later, after another storm, the pier was shortened to 700 feet. The current incarnation of the pier was built in 1980 after being destroyed by a blizzard in 1978. The current structure stretches 500 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. The wooden walk way is lined with souvenir shops, carnival-style foods, and a night club at the end of the pier.

Maine – Old Orchard Beach – Calm by the Pier

Maine – Pier at Old Orchard Beach Maine

Maine – A Day at Old Orchard Beach

For beautiful sandy beaches, great lobster and amazing seascapes, the Maine coastline is hard to beat – especially for families.

While it is crowded in summer, fans of 11.2km-long Old Orchard beach would have it no other way. Quiet sands fringe the outskirts, but Old Orchard is famed for its beachside amusement park and historic pier.

Maine – Old Orchard Beach – A Day at the Beach


Jennette’s Pier at Nags Head

Jennette’s Pier is one of the longest running attractions on the Outer Banks, North Carolina although seasoned vacationers would have trouble recognizing the original 1939 structure. After taking a severe battering by Hurricane Isabel in 2003, the pier was revitalized into the modern structure it is today, with a fantastic on-site educational center, seasonal programs for visitors of all ages, and of course, some pretty spectacular fishing off the 1,000 foot long pier.

Jennette’s Pier at Nags Head

Walking Down the Pier

Walking down the pier towards Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse, Manteo, North Carolina. The Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse is open for visitors, and the interior features a series of exhibits that highlight the lighthouse and the area’s history, courtesy of the adjacent Roanoke Island Maritime Museum.

Walking Down the Pier