Bench View – California Redwoods

Redwood National and State Parks are a string of protected forests, beaches and grasslands along Northern California‚Äôs coast. The trees in California that people call “redwoods” are actually two distinct species – giant sequoias and coastal redwoods, both of them best described in superlatives like tallest, biggest, most massive, or magnificent.

Here is a bench to view the coastal redwoods of California.

Redwoods California

Burls on Redwood Trees

Though burls in redwood trees form interesting sculptures to look at, they serve an important role.

Burl is the knobby growth most commonly seen at base of some coast redwoods, though it can also be found high in the canopy as well. Burl is a woody material full of unsprouted bud tissue. It serves as a storage compartment for the genetic code of the parent tree. If the redwood falls or is damaged, the burl may sprout another redwood tree known as a clone.

Burls on Redwood Trees

Burls on Redwood Trees

A Bench in the Redwoods

A few photos over the next few days from Humboldt Redwoods State Park in California. Humboldt Redwoods State Park is a state park of California, United States, containing Rockefeller Forest, the world’s largest remaining contiguous old-growth forest of coast redwoods

A nice place to rest amidst the tall Redwood trees.

A Bench in the Redwoods

A Bench in the Redwoods