Panama Handicrafts

When one hears about Panama hats, you think that these hats are from that country. However, these hats were originally from Ecuador. Since there wasn’t a lot of demand for them in Ecuador, some entrepreneurs decided to sell these hats in Panama due to the traffic of the Canal.

These strong, lightweight, attractive, straw hats were perfect for deflecting the tropical sun of Panama, and also ideal for those who were crossing the Canal to spend outdoors in sunny California during the Gold Rush.

Ecuador’s most famous export is called a “Panama” hat. People in Ecuador hate that.

Panama Hats

Panama Hats

Colorful handicrafts for sale on the side walks of Casco Viejo, Panama City.

Casco Viejo Handicrafts

Casco Viejo Handicrafts

New Mexico – Santa Fe – Colorful Handicrafts

Weaving skills were handed down from mother to daughter. Mexico’s fabric crafting history originates with the Mayans who wove garments, rugs and art decorated with symbols, animals and plants. Mayans are credited with originating hammocks, hats and baskets and the patterns found on contemporary wares is extremely similar in shape and color.

Even the vibrant colors of the handicrafts in Santa Fe match the landscape of New Mexico. Love the antique looking lamp casting its shadow.

New Mexico - Santa Fe - Colorful Handicrafts

New Mexico – Santa Fe – Colorful Handicrafts