Rocky Habitat for Leopards

Bera, nested in the Aravalli mountain ranges of India, forms a beautiful and serene backdrop to the world’s most outstanding opportunities for leopard photography. Amongst spellbinding, billion-year-old granite rock formations, leopards roam wild and free, coexisting comfortably with the charismatic communities around Bera, Rajasthan, India. It is home to a vibrant population of approximately fifty leopards. It is a relatively small area blessed with an exceptional density of the iconic cats that live on a  rocky terrain that was seemingly designed for photographers (with very long lenses).

A Rocky Hill
Rocky Terrain

Trip to Bera, Rajasthan

Hidden in the belly of Rajasthan, Bera is a small town in Pali district with a considerable number of leopards but very few tourists. Bera was hardly known amongst the wild lifers, however of late it is gaining popularity and also known as leopard country. We ventured to Bera to hopefully spot leopards in a different setting than Gir National Park in Gujarat, India.

Castle Bera is the ancestral home of the Royal family of Bera, whose lineage dates back 400 years to the Legendary warrior King Maharana Pratap of Udaipur (Mewar). Castle Bera, built in 1638, is a luxury, award-winning Heritage Homestay hotel in Jawai Bera. We enjoyed the hospitality at the palace while looking for leopards.

Magnificent Castle
Castle Bera Postcard