Bench View – A Serene Place to Rest

Since opening in 1977, Morikami has been a center for Japanese arts and culture in Delray Beach, Florida.

The 16 acres that surround Morikami’s two museum buildings include expansive Japanese gardens with strolling paths, resting areas, world-class bonsai collection and lakes teeming with koi and other wildlife. The wider 200-acre park features nature trails, pine forests and picnic areas.

A bench to view and feel the serenity of the gardens …

A Serene Place to Rest

Nesting Wood Storks

One of the best places to see wood storks and other wading birds nesting up close around March is Wakodahatchee Preserve in Delray Beach, Florida.

At Wakodahatchee, dozens of nesting wood stork pairs are visible from the boardwalk. One tree island that appears to be the hot neighborhood for young stork families is no more than 15 feet from the boardwalk.

Nesting Wood Storks


Nurturing Baby Wood Storks