12 thoughts on “Dramatic Sky over Munnar Tea Plantation

  1. Ravi, you were doing so good with the titles… now this… LOL back to boring descriptions!! I will nag you forever, hahaha Go to this site, and just scroll down and look at the posts… leafandtwig.wordpress.com… and see how just a few simple words make such a difference. you don’t have to be as poetic as she is… but give it a whirl…. lol
    that’s a beautiful shot… almost looks fake, it’s so cool. love how you caught the gridwork the plants make. 5 stars!!

      • I know you can do it… you have been doing it… 🙂 keep going… did you notice how many followers she has….it makes a difference. and your photos are great!! so no excuses!!! 😛

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