Majesty of Darbargadh Poshina

In Poshina, Gujarat, India is the Darbargadh Poshina, once a palace, and now a welcoming heritage hotel, with huge gateways, a massive dome, numerous pillars and arches, a pleasant courtyard, gardens, lawns and terraces, owned by the descendants of the Chalukyas, whose empire spread through much of Gujarat and Central India in the 12th century.

Majesty of Darbargadh Poshina

Greenery and Clouds at the Palace

Poshina in the Foothills

About 18 kms from Ambaji, Gujarat, India, Poshina takes one back to the simple beauty of traditional village life. Poshina is home to a tribal shrine where you find the staggering scene of thousands of terracotta horses standing in rows as offerings to the local goddess (images to follow later).

Poshina in the Foothills

Palms Below Aravalli Mountains Poshina